Ebike tour Cagliari

With this guided tour we will visit the most characteristic places of the city, the Molentargius Park is the natural reserve of pink flamingos in Europe. The park hosts the salt pans and the remains of the old salt factory.

Following the cycle path you cross the District of Sant'Elia where we find the football team stadium shortly after we will be at the marina of Su Siccu.

Immediately after you can admire the Church of Bonaria, one of the most important and celebrated churches in the city, you reach the center along the sea you arrive in Via Roma, where you can admire the Palazzo del Comune, Largo Carlo Felice and the Marina District with its ancient and fascinating buildings.

The return path passes by the beautiful bike path that runs alongside the long beach, where there are the characteristic kiosks for a short break. The track reaches Quartu Sant'Elena, where the tour returns.

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